Project 46201

June 18-23, 2017 | Tool List

Tool Lists

Personal List
Water bottle
Sun glasses / Safety Glasses Water proof sun screen
Work shoes (no open toe shoes) Wide brim hat
Work gloves

Team List
5 gallon water jug
First aid kit

Dry Wall Tool List
Utility knife with blades
Tape Measure
Plunge saw (Jab)
12″ long Wood chisel
Screw gun
Mud pan
Dry wall taping knives
Corner Trowel
Bucket mixing paddle
Electric drill

Electrical Tool List
Cordless Drill
Line man pliers
Wire stripers
Diagonal cutters pliers
Needle nose pliers
Channel locks
8″ Crescent Screw drivers
Wood chisel
Utility knife
Tape measure
Drill bits and taps
Nail apron
Tri square
Sharpie markers
Tubing (EMT) benders
Extension cords
Electrical Tape

Paint Tool List
9″ roller handle
9″ roller covers 1/4″ nap
9″ roller covers 3/8″ nap
9″ roller covers 1/2″ nap
Extension handles
Painter 5 in 1 tool
Paint can openers
Calking gun
Wire brush
Paint pail
Containers to paint out of
Paint pail
Nail sets
Putty knife

Landscaping Tool List
Pruning shears
Tree trimming saw
Weed wacker

Plumbing Tools
Pipe wrenches
Straps wrench
Crescent wrench
Channellock pliers
Basin wrench
Propane torch
Hacksaw with blades
Vise grips
Slip joint pliers
Hole saw
Tubing cutter
Spud wrench or 18″ channellocks
Torpedo Level 9″
24″ level
Valve handle puller
Cordless drill
Drill bits, spade bits
Cold chisel
3/4″ wood chisel
Tape measure
Utility knife
Extension Cord

General List – Carpenter
Hearing protection Hammer
Nail apron
Tape measure
Cordless drill with bits
7 1/4 saw with extra blades
Pop rivet gun
Aviation snips (metal snips)
Set of speed bore bits
Allen wrenches
Wood chisels
Sawzall with blades
Crescent wrench
Pliers – slip joint
Pliers – channel locks
Pliers – 9″ side cutters
Framing square
Speed (Pocket) Square
Tri Square
Set of screw drivers
Nail Set
Cold chisel
24″ level
9″ level (Torpedo)
48″ level
Coping saw
Wood rasp
Hacksaw with blades
High speed counter sink
Diagonal wire cutters
Wire stripers
Extension Cord
Hole saws
Chalk line with chalk

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