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June 18-23, 2017 | Kickoff Week

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How much will it cost for me to participate in One Heart Many Hands, Indy 2017? For those registering before January 31, 2017* (must be postmarked by deadline) the registration fee will be $195.00 per individual. From February 01, 2017 through May 01, 2017 the registration fee is $225.00 per individual. Our registration deadline is May 01, 2017 (must be postmarked by deadline).

* Registration must be postmarked and PAID IN FULL by January 31, 2017 to qualify for “Early Registration”.

What does my registration fee include? Registration fees include box-lunches Monday through Friday, t-shirt, insurance fees, and special events. Registration fee DOES NOT include travel expenses, housing, breakfast or an evening meal, and ground transportation in Indy; registration fees are transferable but not refundable.

What does the week schedule look like? Click here to download the schedule.

How old do I have to be to participate? We need people of all ages. We need teens, college students, Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and retired people of every imaginable background. If you have a willing heart to help people in need, we have a job for you! All participants 13 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For youth groups, we ask that you have a ratio of 1 adult for every 4 teens (students between the ages of 14 and 17).

Can I register as an individual rather than with a group? Yes, but we encourage you to come with a group. If you are planning to make the trip to Indianapolis by yourself, we will assign you to a group and project. It is still important that you register as soon as possible. All volunteers must be registered by May 01, 2017 in order to participate.

I would like more information about the 29th General Assembly & Conventions of the Church of the Nazarene. Where can I find that? Please click here for more information…

Do I need to register to attend any of the functions at the 29th General Assembly? Yes! Please click here for more information… FYI – Thursday, June 22, 2017 will be OHMH recognition night at the General Assembly evening service. Each person must register with the 29th General Assembly to attend.

I’m an elected delegated to the convention/assembly can I participate with my church for just 2 days? Yes! We are offering delegates a reduced registration fee of $155.00. This rate is a little saving but it will empower your team to finish the project.

What type of projects will we be working on? About 75% of the projects that we will be working on will be owner-occupied homes.  We are working with community partners and other non-profit organizations to identify those that are in need of help.  We will do minor to major repairs including roofing, siding, windows, painting, kitchen and bath remodels, landscaping, and etc. We also work with the local parks department and assist them with painting, landscaping and repairing park equipment.

We are also very excited to be joining forces with the Fuller Center to build as many as 10 new homes in the 46201 zip code. These homes will be made available to families who have been through an application process and are looking forward to being first time homeowners. If you and your team are interested in building a new home please let us know by sending us an email.

Probably a better way to answer this question would be to have you look at our skill sheet that is included in the registration packet.  That will give you an idea of the type of work we typically do on our OHMH projects.  But, don’t let that discourage any of your potential team members.  Because from experience we know that there will be work for everyone! Just in case you and your team runs into something you can’t handle, don’t worry! We will have exports who will be on call to come to the rescue!

When will my team be assigned a project? We will assign your team a project once our registration has closed (after May 01, 2017). We look at each team’s complete list of skills and match them up with a project(s) that best fits each team according to their skills.

What tools will we need to bring? We encourage each team to bring the tools that they will be using. After May 01, 2017 you will receive your project description detailing what you will be doing and the tools needed for your project. If you don’t have the tools don’t worry! We will have tools in our warehouse that your team can check out. We understand it can be very difficult to transport a 40-foot ladder…

What about project funds? Your registration fee for the project will not cover all the costs associated with a project of this scope. We must also raise additional funds for the purchase of materials. We need your help! We are encouraging every individual and group coming to One Heart – Many Hands to commit to doing one of the following. Please remember that we are encouraging you but we are not making this a requirement.

  1. Raise an additional $100 per person to be given towards the purchase of additional materials and to help fund international participants. This can be mailed at the time of registration, or brought to Indy. Whenever you raise it…we can use it!!!
  2. Attention Nazarene Districts and Churches:
    If you are bringing a group to participate, we would ask you to consider forming a Work & Witness team, making One Heart – Many Hands one of your missions project for 2017! Our goal is to have 50 Work & Witness teams participate! The suggested team project funds for this project will be at three different levels – $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000. It will be up to the team to decide what they are able to do. Every Work & Witness Team will receive special recognition through our published materials and at our Kickoff Rally. (This is a 10% approved Work & Witness Project. For further explanation about 10% giving please click here.
  3. Take an offering or sponsor a fund-raiser to help raise additional funds for the purchase of materials.
  4. Please let us know about your plans for raising addition funds. We would love to share your plans and fundraising ideas with other groups. You and your team just might be the inspiration that they need.

Where are most of the projects located? Most of our projects will be located in the 46201 zip code. Click here to see this on a map.

Where will I stay/sleep during the service project? Each individual and group are responsible for their lodging. Indianapolis is blessed with some of the most extensive overnight sleeping facilities (hotels, motels, etc.). If you choose to search an Internet site please use Indianapolis as your search criteria when trying to find a place close to our projects. In addition to the available housing options in Indianapolis, OHMH has secured alternative housing at the University of Indianapolis that is first come first serve basis. If you are interested in our alternative housing please click here to contact our office to request more information and availability.

I have a physical disability…can I still participate? Yes. It is part of the vision and mission of One Heart Many Hands that everyone has a gift or talent that can help serve others.

What is the weather like in Indianapolis during the latter part of June? The average high temperature during the month of June in Indianapolis is 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28.3 degrees Celsius). Most of the job sites will be outside, but there will be ample water provided to our volunteers at each location. Bring sunscreen and your 5gallon water coolers! We typically encourage our volunteers to begin work early so as to be productive during the cooler morning temperatures.

What is there to do during our free time? The easiest way to answer that question is to check out the following link!

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