Help Give Otico a New Hip

Otico is an incredibly talented 17 year old from Havana, Cuba. As a result of Sickle Cell Anemia, he’s lived with severe pain in his hip for 10 years.  This November, with your help, all of that can change. Help us give life back to Otico, help us give him the gift of a new hip!

One month ago, One Heart Many Hands completed a monumental trip to Cuba. Officially, we are about 3 years into our overall mission in Cuba, but this trip felt like the beginning of something even greater. We met with government officials and doctors at the William Soler Hospital, and the family of Otoneil Fernandez. We received the much needed permission to partner with our peers. We toured the facilities at William Soler Hospital and made plans to take on this challenging surgery.

The final piece of the puzzle is raising funds. Our goal is $5000.

We have been incredibly blessed to have Dr. Ian Kovatch donate his time for this project, but we still have to raise money to support this surgery. We are keenly aware that $5000 doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of this surgery – we are counting on people like you to give over and above our minimum goal. Every dollar given to One Heart Many Hands goes a long way! To maximize our impact, our volunteers cover their own expenses.

You can be an agent of change in Otico’s life – with every dollar given over and above our goal, we have the opportunity to multiply the impact of this surgery.

One of the members of our team, Dr. Lanny Copeland, has been working with us for the past couple years. He was instrumental in securing permission to make this surgery a possibility.

“Today it was really difficult to see our patient, a vibrant teenager, able to ambulate only with a crutch. Otico Fernandez is 17 years old, and the son of Otoneil Fernandez. He is our in-country coordinator and one of the finest men I’ve had the privilege to call a friend. Otico is an extremely well recognized artist here in Cuba. His father has shown me clips from Cuban TV of award ceremonies recognizing his work. Otico has sickle cell disease which can cause a severe anemia as well complications of bones.” – Dr. Copeland

“Otico’s specific case is quite unusual, his sickle cell disease has led to the deterioration of his femoral head (hip). Ordinarily, doing a hip replacement would be considered low risk, however, his sickle cell disease yet again complicates the situation. This is a very difficult problem even with the benefit of our technology and the frequency with which we do hip replacements in the states.” – Dr. Kovach

You, along with One Heart Many Hands, have a once in a lifetime opportunity to forge new ground in Cuba, as well as, give an artist the ability to continue his life’s passion.


Above is the last piece that Otico has been able to work on – to this day, it sits exactly like this. The amount of pain that he experiences daily has left him unable to stand for any amount of time.

As a simple thank you for your gift to Otico and One Heart Many Hand’s mission in Cuba, we have put together some gifts:

 – For those of you that give $20 or more, your name will be placed on the get well card for Otico – you have the opportunity to let him know there are people he’s never met that are thinking and praying for him.

 – For $100, you get a 4×6 reproduction of one of Otico’s first charcoal drawings after recovery.

 – For $250, you get an 8×10 reproduction of one of Otico’s paintings after his recovery.

 – For $500, you get a framed 16×20 fine-art print of Otico’s first paintings completed after his recovery.

 – For those that give $1000 or more, you get an original painting from Otico that will be completed after his recovery. Due to the very special nature of this gift, there will only be 10 of these available.

To further learn about Otico’s impact on art within Cuba, you can watch the below film spotlighting his work (the entire video is in Spanish):

If you want information on our overall project with Cuba, you can read more here.

To view our latest trip updates, you can view them on our blog.

All donations are tax deductible. One Heart Many Hands is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

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