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What We Do

We believe everyone has a gift, talent, ability or resource that can be used in a tangible way to help other people in need. In the broadest sense, One Heart – Many Hands exists in order to connect anyone willing to serve others, with opportunities to do so. Sometimes projects are built around a large conference scheduled for a specific date, with thousands of potential volunteers arriving at the same time. Other times, the projects are completed by local volunteers over the course of several months. In either case, our approach is three-fold:

  • Mobilize Volunteers
  • Engage donors and build relationships with national corporate partners and local business leaders in order to secure the resources which will allow service projects to be feasibly affordable.
  • Build partnerships with local leaders in government and non-profit sectors in order to identify and carefully plan meaningful projects which will address needs in a way that will positively impact the community.

our leaders

  • Gary Morsch, M.D., M.P.H. Founder and Chairman

    Dr. Morsch believes every individual is uniquely gifted and called to serve others. In 1993, he helped found One Heart – Many Hands and now serves as its Chairman. In 1992, he helped found Heart to Heart International, a global humanitarian organization where he now serves as president. Morsch also founded Docs Who Care, an organization of family physicians who, like himself, desire the flexibility to practice medicine as well as devote time to volunteer opportunities and medical missions.

  • George Sisler President

    Mr. Sisler has been organizing service projects and volunteers for nearly fifteen years. He began as a volunteer in 1999 working in Mexico as a project coordinator for One Heart – Many Hands. In 2000, he joined the One Heart – Many Hands team in preparation for the organization’s 2001 service project in Indianapolis. In 2009, he served as project director for the OHMH project in Orlando. More recently, as President of the organization, he has directed large-scale service project operations in Columbus (Ohio) and Indianapolis.

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