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The  46201 Project is a Housing Initiative Collaboration between Englewood Community Development Corporation, One Heart Many Hands, Shepherd Community, and Southeast Neighborhood Development – Twin Aire. Separately, each group has been facilitating positive changes in this community for decades. Together, we we are developing a 5 year project that will transform 46201 into vibrant, safe, healthy communities where hope becomes a reality and those who have to live in these neighborhoods discover they can now thrive here.

From June 18-23, One Heart Many Hands and 2000 volunteers will descend onto the 46201 zip code and kick off this initiative to bring hope and vitality to this community. This project is going to be more challenging than any project we’ve ever asked our volunteers to undertake.

This project is going to be more challenging than any project we’ve ever asked our volunteers to undertake.  We are currently identifing homeowners in the 46201 zip code who need help to STAY and/or AGE IN PLACE.  For many homeowners their home has been in the family for generations and the work that is completed will allow the next generation to continue to have a home.  We’ve also seen when a homeowner had to decide between buying medicine or fixing their home and they decided health is more important than their home.  We are looking for homeowners who have no other options for help!  For them we are their last hope!

Not only will we be working on older homes that are in need of repair but we are joining forces with the Fuller Center to build as many as 20 homes during this week.  We understand that’s a big undertaking but we are confident that together with your help we will do it.  Lots are already being acquired in concentrated areas to maximize the impact.  So, don’t be surprised if you drive down a street in the 46201 zip code and you see 3 or four homes being built on the same street during June 18-23, 2017.  If you do it’s probably going to be US!

Everything we accomplish is made possible because of our volunteers! If you are interested in coordinating a team or sponsoring volunteers, or a home, contact for more information.

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