Our Meeting with the Family – Day 3 in Cuba

 In Cuba

But Dad… I thought they were here to do my surgery this week?

When Otico (our primary patient) got in the car he thought he was going to the hospital for surgery.  It was only when he was sitting in the room listening to the exchange between our team and his doctors that he realized this was just another doctors visit.  Immediately, the expression on his face changed from one of hope to disappointment.

It’s very evident that he’s in a lot of pain.

Otico is a very gifted and accomplished artist. His drawings and paintings are his passion.  But, that has been on hold because the pain in his hip.


The drawing that he’s currently working on will probably go unfinished until the pain is under control!

We had the opportunity to meet with his parents to discuss the options they have.  Dr. Kovach spent over an hour explaining the surgery, post-op, recovery, possible complications, and quality of life with a hip implant.  During this time both parents listened very closely to each word.

At the end they were asked if they had any questions and what course of action they wanted to take.  Almost simultaneously, both mom and dad said we want to proceed with the replacement.

We’ve been very blessed by everyone that we’ve worked with here. As a result of everyone’s cooperation and determination to make this surgery happen, we’ve been able to set a surgery date, November 01, 2016. We have a lot to do between now and that date and we won’t be able to do it alone.

Tomorrow, we should have more information about the challenges we’ll have getting everything to Cuba for the operation.



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