One Heart – Many Hands: A new chapter with Cuba

 In Cuba

Today, One Heart – Many Hands begins a new chapter in our relationship and work with Cuba.

As I was on my flight from Orlando to Havana, I sat back and thought about everything that’s led up to this trip. It’s hard to believe that in 2013 Dr. Morsch and I stood before thousands and announced One Heart – Many Hands was going to Cuba!  At that time we had a plan on paper but we really didn’t know how we’d be able to pull it off.

We had to mobilize volunteers through strict travel restrictions, send products and materials to a country who was currently under an embargo, and figure out how to fund the whole thing.

What could go wrong?

After three years of working in Cuba, we’ve mobilized volunteers, repaired local doctor’s offices and church buildings, AND sent a 40′ container of building materials and medical supplies to Havana. Dr. Morsch and I couldn’t have done it on our own.

It’s been our volunteers and donors who have made everything possible. You have made THIS momentous trip possible.


I’m traveling with Dr. Ian Kovach and Dr. Lanny Copeland, both respected doctors in their fields. We will be visiting with officials from the Ministry Of Health and medical staff from the William Soler Hospital to explore the possibility of performing joint replacement surgeries on some of their patients. God willing, we’ll get the clearance we need, and find the facilities to make this dream a reality.

I’m amazed and excited for the journey ahead of us. I invite you to go on it with me over the next few days. Each morning, I’ll post a new blog with our daily report. Tomorrow’s report should be action packed. We have a busy day of meetings!




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